A (really cheesy) letter to my lover in all but body

To My Special K

You really do bring tranquility to my soul, just like your namesake used to. Oh and the cereal too! Kidding ;)

[Name cut out to protect anonymity]. Dearest, I love your name. Not my nickname for you - your real name. It’s so reminiscent of femininity, of glamour, and sensuality. White wine. A smidge of dark lipstick on a cigarette filter.

How I yearn to open another bottle with you. Drink with you, smoke with you, eat with you, fuck with you. Your pale skin, piercing eyes, petite waist, mine. Your lips, luscious, dripping, mine.

Your mind. Witty, eloquent. Determined. You are the only person I know who can talk about reform in the field of psychology and anthropology and flappers in the same conversation and somehow make each topic flow into the next. (Apart from myself, of course. Kidding!)

And your heart. Your genuine concern for others. Your spontaneity within the seemingly rigid structure you impose upon yourself. Your constant indecision. Your silliness and neuroticism alike.

I want to hold you. Kiss you. Make love to you. I’ve never wanted to make love to a person before - it’s so cheesy, the sole territory of those with a romantic side right? (I hope that statement doesn’t put me in that category.) Or maybe even disturbing - the uncanny valley in action! Just like [Name cut out to protect anonymity] said that one time. “Normal people fuck, and making love is for weirdos.” (I really hope that statement doesn’t put me in that category, despite what the Republicans want us to think. On that note, sorry, I know your entire family is Republican.)

When I am with you I feel alright. Sane. Safe. Confident. Like I could become anyone I wanted, and like I am already the person I want to become, just by gazing at you, my arms on your shoulders and yours wrapped around my waist. Swaying, oh so slowly.

I love you with my entire being. And because of that, I will never tell you these things, for fear of losing you. What if you shunned me? Or worse, what if we slowly drifted apart in the wake of my confession? You are far too precious to me for me to take those risks. You complete me. My best friend. My lighter half (literally - yes, that is a distasteful pun!) But, to paraphrase Brian from QAF - I don’t mind, because after your lovers and my lovers and your one-nighters and my tricks are gone, I’ll still have you and you’ll still have me.

[Name cut out to protect anonymity]

Friday Aug 8 @ 05:57am

Before I leave.


  I thought you deserved a letter before I left. But, I don’t really know what to say. What can I say to you after what I did? I know you told me not to feel bad anymore or say I’m sorry anymore and trust me, I’m trying. I know you wrote all those things on Tumblr about me. That post I wrote about me getting tattoos and piercings for making mistakes is true . I’m going to explain why I have my sparrow tattoo and at first it won’t make sense but keep reading and you’ll understand why I needed to write this for you. My favorite character in “The L Word” always has been Shane McCutcheon. She’s a cheater , liar ,drinker , but still I see a little bit of me in her. Shane only found one person she really loved but, many girls loved her. The joke always was “When Shane enters a room at least one girl leaves crying”. I used to want to be Shane. I acted a lot like her. But Shane did fall in love with Carmen. On their wedding day Shane runs away and Shane’s “best man”, Alice, has to tell Carmen “Shane knows you can never forgive her for this.” Shane tries to find Carmen but Carmen refuses to speak to her. Jenny tries to get Shane to throw out Carmen’s T-shirt but Shane clutches the shirt to her chest and whispers “I’m not throwing her away.” Shane hurt herself by hurting Carmen . I don’t want to do that to myself anymore. That’s why I have the tattoo. I know you can never forgive me for what I did but, please try and understand.

I’m sorry,

Reine C. 

Friday Aug 8 @ 05:55am

Dear Catriana, 

Falling is a strange word. And if you had told me last year that I would fall in love with my best friend, I would have laughed. I know you probably won’t see this letter, and I know I’ll probably not give it to you, just because it’s the truth.

When I told you, I was terrified. Terrified that you’d laugh at me, or just stop talking. I could have never imagined that you’d feel the same way. And now here we are. 

Isn’t it strange, being in love? I almost expect to have stars in my eyes, like in a cartoon. Somehow, my thoughts always come back to settle on you. And let me tell you right now, you’re perfect. I know this sounds all cheesy and romantic, but it’s just a fact- I know that the world is not, in fact, a wish-granting factory (to quote John Green), but sometimes I think it must be. Because somehow, when I’m with you, I’m happy. You light something up inside of me, something beautiful, and I hope I do the same for you. You make me want to be a better me, and you make me want to grin every second of every day. 

I love you because of the way you smile, the way you make everything seem that much wilder. I love you because of the way you hold my hand, the way you anchor me, the way you make even the night sky dance. I love you because of your indescribable youness, the way you are so, amazingly, you. And if that sounds strange, that’s because it is.

You’re beautiful. 

And even if we grow apart, even if we fall, I’ll always remember that you were the first person I ever loved. And I hope you’ll remember me, too.

This letter’s for you, Cat.

Wednesday Jun 6 @ 12:07am

binaughtyhousewife-deactivated2 said: Would it be alright to say where you are from when you post?

If you’re comfortable doing that I see no problems with it

- S

Saturday May 5 @ 09:38pm

youdidntseemlikeaplayeratall said: Hey guys! My name is Barbara and I'm developing a queer dating app built by women for women. :) It's called Dattch (we have a tumblr page for it, called dattch-app) and right now we are trying to get the word around about it! It's only available in the UK atm, but is that something you guys would be interested in? Like downloading the app or trying it? Thanks!

Tuesday May 5 @ 01:21pm

My Letter

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midnightburial-deactivated20140 said: I can sense a collab in the works with the writer who wrote "this is not a love letter" perhaps more in common than you think

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Thursday Feb 2 @ 07:49pm

Happy Valentines Day all!!  Hope you had a wonderful day surrounded by people who love you :)


Friday Feb 2 @ 10:42pm

To Valeria. Dont forget me.

Hello, my name is Viviana. Im a mexican innovator, and im gay. This words are much of an literal invention, i dont know how to call it. Poetry, confession, letter. I would just say its my true. I had once meet love and complete absorption for a pair of eye balls. I’d like to translate this to you, since original stuff is spanish. Thak you very much.

You like this wheater, how much you like it. I endure the cold and i disguise myself of haze and mist, nothing makes sense. Far away theres the sky, today looks unattainable. She has the sun in her eyes. And her eyes you cant find often. Of what you dress my love? With who you wrap my sun? Who you dream about? You like this weather. Where are you. And why i cant see you. And why am i so hitch of your eyes. There is no sun if i dont look at them. You like this weather. How can i not love you, presage you, if this wind emanates nothing but your scent on every flower and every window every morning. And how i’ll manage to keep my steps and not get scrape by just the breeze floating, like my lost heart i no longer have. And how to not hear your voice traverse my mist costume, my soul. While this wind tears off your kisses i have all over my skin, and the days breaks me off, and expires you off me. Cause im all yours, and i this keeps devouring, cause im all yours, and i no longer have you.

Saturday Feb 2 @ 05:12pm