To my girlfriend, my future.

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there was never any picking or choosing.
there were never any hesitations or misguided mistakes.
there were never any regrets, or things left unsaid..
between us.

it’s been you, since day one & time keeps making me realize that.
there was never any need for space between us, physically or emotionally.

it wasn’t an attachment, or an obsession.
it’s always been a desire, a hunger in my heart, for yours.
an ache in my touch.

i could talk to you forever, about how i’m in love with the flaws you find in yourself.

it’s weird, being in love, especially for me.
Since months ago i didn’t even believe it existed.

but i know, i know it does.
because what i feel for you, and towards you, is unexplainable.

it’s me wanting to protect you and shield you from the world.
it’s me wanting to give you all the happiness i receive from you daily.

it’s the fact that you never leave my mind, and the looks you give me still send butterflies through my stomach.

it’s the warmth of your skin pressed against mine.

but most of all, it’s the fact that i build myself up to be everything for you.
and that all i could wish for is forever.

we have all the time in the world;
to get lost in each other.

let’s not rush this.

because i want to spend forever locked in your gaze.

Wednesday May 5 @ 02:57am
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