I’m still in love with you.

It took me a very long time to realize it now, but I know I’ll never stop. I want to love you the right way because I know you’ve been waiting on me for a very long time. It hurts me that I can’t pleasure you physically and emotionally, but I want you to know that all the things that I’ve said in the past I just want to erase and kiss away the bruises from the verbal abuse I gave you. I really wish I could say this to you in person and be a smooth talker and sweep you off your feet, but I know you’ll only just look at me and probably think I’m a huge derp. I think about you all the time. I want to marry you and go against all odds because the world thinks otherwise. There are so many things that are keeping us apart, but I know one day we’ll be united and it will feel right. I want to caress every part of your body, kiss your tender parts, and be intimate with you ( I tried to put this in the most non-provocative way possible so no one will laugh at us) and if you don’t want me that way I’ll understand. Use me, I don’t care. If we argue or butt heads a lot, I will work to make things better. I just want to love you, all of you. Completely. The past you, the present you, the future you. I’ve always loved that ugly duckling, and I will always love the swan she became. So if you ever read this letter, know that this is for you, and how truly sorry I am for being so oblivious and in denial the whole time. I’m ready to come to you, and I hope you’re ready for me too.

- A letter I’ll never send on her birthday  

Sunday Dec 12 @ 03:47am
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